Heydays is a design studio aiming to remodel how technology and its aesthetics blend into our lives

Helping Carrot tackle our 2 billion tonne waste problem

Carrot seeks to take on the 2 billion tonne global waste problem by collecting and using data to better recycling. Our strategy played on insentive: Carrot is a rewarding service both in the information it gives back—but also because you pay less when you sort better. We started with a new name and ended up developing all key aspects of their new brand–including making a drawing tool that makes all kinds of (so-called) waste the hero of their identity.


  • Brand strategy

  • Naming

  • Website

  • UI Design

  • Motion

  • Brand activation

In partnership with

  • Goods

Carrot: Strategy, naming, identity, web and app

Helping Carrot tackle our 2 billion tonne waste problem

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Different objects and materials on a table with people standing around

Every project starts with a workshop, creating a mutual foundation for the project

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A video meeting challenger that seeks to inspire people

Whereby is a video meeting challenger in a field dominated by giants. We helped Whereby craft a brand that treats tech, performance and features as given things. They’d rather seek to motivate people to get out of their unhealthy routines, start dreaming about better ways—and inspire people to work and live where they thrive.


  • Brand strategy

  • Identity design

  • Brand guidelines

  • UI design

  • Brand activation


  • Icinori


  • David Jonathan Ross

Whereby: Strategy, identity and product design

A video meeting challenger that seeks to inspire people

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Office space

Our services include

Brand strategy

Identity design

Digital product

Brand activation

Our clients

  • NRK
  • Facebook
  • Whereby
  • Huddly
  • Carrot
  • Oda
  • Thames & Hudson
  • Kron
  • Oslo City Bike
  • Limón
  • Chooose
  • Aprila
  • Aschehoug
  • Spoton
  • Generaxion
  • Unloc
  • Ably Medical
  • Folio
  • Kindly
  • Urban Sharing
  • Monner
  • Otovo
  • Spiff
  • Oss
  • Fotmob
  • Møllebyen
  • Norselab
  • Reklima
  • Aurlands
  • Hold Norge Rent
  • Øyafestivalen
  • Mano Pizza
  • Rainforest Foundation
  • Dinesen
  • Tufte
  • Active Education
  • Reodor
  • Panasonic
  • VG
  • Schibsted
  • Dagens Næringsliv
  • Amedia
  • Morrow
  • Flokk