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UI/UX designer

Looking for talented UI/UX designers. Someone who is curious about human behaviour on and off screens, and likes to mix strategic thinking with design craft. From insight to end-product. Apply here! 🤓

European Design Awards

Yay! We recently received a Silver in European Design Awards 2018 for our logo for Flokk! 🥈


Thrilled to welcome Sandro Kvernmo to our team as Design Lead! Sandro is huge addition in terms of experience from working with global brands and with his strategic competence. Also our northernmost Norwegian! 

About Heydays

Heydays started out in 2008 as a group of friends with a ridiculous curiosity for the impact of design. Today, our team devote our working lives to simplify brands and digital products. From promising startups to companies with decades of history, we define businesses from strategy and design, to developing a complete user experience. Making them understandable and relevant.