Let’s huddle

Let’s huddle

Team up with everyone

Huddly makes a camera that captures everyone in a room. More and more teams work remotely, connecting with their coworkers from all over the globe. This new type of collaboration and teamwork is what Huddly has embraced, and they’re passionate to make video calls flawless. It is also this type of teamwork that inspired the Huddly logo’s different constellations.

From brand concept to nitty-gritty

How do we translate the brand concept into nitty-gritty implementation details? Collaboration. We’re working closely with the Huddly team, bouncing ideas back and forth, exchanging files and sharing thoughts. It’s a team effort, with no room for egos.

Team photo by Åsmund Holien Mo. Product design by Frost Produkt. Packaging design in collaboration with Frost Produkt.

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Technology and design

A holistically designed experience

Realizing Huddly as a product has been a tremendous team effort. It all begun with CPO Stein Ove Eriksen’s idea. The camera itself has been designed by Frost Produkt in co-operation with the team at Huddly. During the entire process we’ve worked closely with both Frost Produkt and the design and marketing team at Huddly.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that the team at Huddly is incredibly passionate about what they do. That is also why we love working with them. They’re constantly evolving and pushing the envelope on what their products can do, from camera optics to the software experience, all the way down to what the hardware inside the camera can accomplish.