Year in review 2022 — At Heydays we celebrate change for the better, and after 14 years we still look for new ways to challenge ourselves, our industry and our clients. This has been a year with some of our biggest changes yet.

  • 11 new clients

  • 40 clients in total

  • 21 visual identities created

  • 3 new brand names

  • 11 awards won

  • 4 new colleagues

  • 3 new babies

Heydays year in review

January Mental well-being and non-invasive digital experiences have always been hot topics for us. This year we turned this into our focus and strategy, letting it lead how we work, think, design, and solve challenges for our clients.

We kicked off the new year and kept ourselves warm by starting our collaboration with Devold. Together with Goods we developed a name, brand and digital experience for their new high-end wool brand, O.A.D.

Photography: Lasse Fløde, Copywriting: MOS

O.A.D. clothing tag
O.A.D. brochure stack
People around a bonfire
Bonfire at Grefsenkollen. At the height of the pandemic’s second wave, we had to find new ways to socialize outside.

February Sanda stepped into her new role as Managing Director after she joined Heydays as a Strategic Director in August 2021.

Sanda Zahirovic
Sanda Zahirovic has a background as a brand strategist, designer and creative director.

We worked on a new brand, website and app design for Moniflo. A Luxembourg based service for simple, sustainable investments.

Photography: Lasse Fløde

Moniflo app design
Generative representation of funds inspired by flower beds, and Guilloche security patterns known from banknotes.
Moniflo billboard design
Moniflo empowers people to invest based on their personal values.
Astri Natvik
Astri joined us as Client Manager. Her experience with process management and communication made a perfect match.

March We went deep diving and explored the seabed with Ava Ocean.

Taking inspiration from the richness of the ocean floor, we crafted a brand identity and website to present their revolutionary technology for non-invasive, precision seabed harvesting to the world.

Illustrations: Mari Hole

Ava Ocean business card
Ava Ocean event banners
Nima Shahinian
Nima Shahinian gave an insightful talk about his ambitions, his curiosities and what astronaut training is like. He talked about how humans have the ability to adapt to all possible situations and have a huge potential to build resilience when facing exponential change.

We also had other brilliant talks this year including Christopher Pearsell-Ross, Sebastian Stockmarr, Robin Mientjes, Svein Gunnar Kjøde, Martin Vácha, and Daniel Quisek from Displaay Type

April As the sound of spring filled the air we started to define a new brand for Nomono.

Nomono create tools that make audio storytelling production more accessible and give creators more freedom. We have collaborated closely with their inhouse team on brand, visual identity and digital products.

Their groundbreaking AI technology makes it possible to record a conversation anywhere, no matter the noise, and still make every voice heard.

Sunset view
iPad with editing software
People on a bleacher
We strengthened our capabilities to take care of our mental health with talks by Carina Carl on work psychology.

May We made a new identity and website for ourselves! Drawing inspiration from biophilic design and natural aesthetics, we looked at how light and color from the sky affect our mental well-being. The result is a colorful identity and a website that adapts its color to the time of day

Heydays font preview
With our new identity we also made our very own typeface; Heydays Uten. Soon to be released as open-source.

We started working with Sprint to define their new brand introducing our new workshop method — Totem, bringing natural aesthetics and biophilic design to the core of our process.

This method allows us to explore our clients’ personality, traits and visual language through natural objects.
Solenn Robic
Our first remote employee joined. Meet Solenn Robic, graphic designer out of Marseille, France.
Heydays and Goods joins ARC

We took a giant leap and joined ARC toghether with our sister studio Goods. ARC features some of the world’s best companies within industrial and digital design, branding, innovation, technology and content creation. We are more than thrilled to be part of this new team of talents.

June This warm, sunny summer month gave us extra energy to finish and launch three new identities.

First out a brand refresh and new website for Huddly, a client we've been working closely with since 2016. We also collaborated with our sister studio Goods on a full revamp of their packaging system.

Photography: Hinda Fahre

Huddly notebook design
Huddly billboards

We helped make healthy and sustainable food more accessible with Palett, developing their new name and a brand drawing inspiration from the diversity of shapes and colors from plant-based ingredients.

In collaboration with Goods

Paper bag with logo

We also gave our partner Norselab a new brand and website. Norselab invests in companies that spark radical change in resource-intensive industries. This year we've worked with four companies in their portfolio.

Norselab logo on a brochure

The visual identity features a tool to generate unique logo variants and patterns

Sun Helen Kalvenes and Solenn Robic playing croquet
Graphic and type designer Sun Helen (right) joins Heydays…
Table and a view
…in perfect time, as we had a weekend trip to Sanda’s cabin in Sandefjord the very same week!
Old miniramp

July We all took a well-deserved summer break, spending time with our loved ones and soaking up some much-needed sun.

Summer vacation and sundown

August Easing into the second half of the year, we started working on a new exciting sub-brand for Aker Biomarine.

Experimenting with watercolor textures for Aker Biomarine’s new sub-brand. A full case for this project is in the works

Abstract watercolors
Abstract watercolors

September We had a blast creating the concept and shooting 15 different idents for Warner Bros Discovery Nordic

Together with directors Ida & Andreas from Tangrystan we got to challenge ourselves and how we use our experience with branding in other visual mediums. The idents will be shown on 14 different channels across 4 nordic countries starting in January 2023.

Discovery video shoot
Discovery video shoot
Discovery video shoot
Bicycles in Visby Gotland
We went to Gotland, an island outside of Stockholm, together with the rest of ARC at the yearly conference ARCON.
Food in Visby Gotland
We stayed in Visby, surrounded by a medieval city wall and church ruins.

October The harvest season brought a new project to the table and we started to work on the new name and identity for Plateful.

One third of all food produced is wasted and never reaches your plate. Plateful seeks to reduce food loss by disrupting the normal supply chain.

Photography: Anne Valeur

Stacks of colorful business cards
Poster design on a street
Website design on smartphone
Abstract skin
We started a very exciting collab with Aidn. Exploring the future experience for health workers and patients.
Munch museum view
Studio excursion to the Munch Museum.

November Finishing up a new visual identity and website for Aritma, formerly known as Zdata.

Aritma brings integrated financial infrastructure to any platform. The identity we created is a differentiator in its category with its warmth and playfulness.

Naming and brand strategy: Maskinen

Poster design for Aritma
Illustrations by the talented Andrea Manzati.
Website design for Aritma

We won a tender with NRK, which means we will continue to work with NRK TV and their wonderful team.

Whine and typography
Sun Helen gave us an introduction to type design while we sipped on some tasty wine.

December Ending the year on a high note! In December we started working with Google Seed Studio to explore how people can feel more at home with their personal devices.

We're pushing the possibilities and expanding the visual vocabulary of Material You. More to come!

Heydays working with Google Seed studio on Material You

We have always relied on collaborators to deliver the best possible brands for our clients. To achieve the level of quality we strive for, we seek help from the very best in their field. A big shout-out to everyone who has helped our work come to life.

Lasse Fløde, Anne Valeur, Hinda Fahre, Mats Dreyer, Calle Huth, Mathias Fossum, Clara Jullien Isaksson, Arve Båtvik, Reodor, Æra, Norselab, Maskinen, Torny og Ingrid, MOS, Tangrystan, Mari Hole, Andrea Mantzani, Ole Magnus Saxegård, Norse, Stök, Galice Hoarau, Kodebyraaet

What a year it has been! Thank you to all our clients and collaborators for an exciting year full of interesting projects.

We move into 2023 hoping it will bring the same level of enthusiasm and ambition we got to see in 2022.

Sunset view