Unlocking renewables

Unlocking renewables

Branding hydrogen

Nel is a global hydrogen company, delivering solutions to produce, store and distribute hydrogen from renewable energy – and may very well be the key to empower generations with clean energy forever. We created a future forward brand that established Nel as the global leader within its field, and to own hydrogen in its simplest, yet most unique form.

Number One by Nature

Hydrogen is the first element, built up of one electron and one proton. Number one, the lightest and simplest atom, in the periodic table. From this, “Number one by nature” was born: The first element and the best solution – made possible by the global leader. A cutting edge and scientific identity that builds a whole new category.

Contrary to earlier beliefs, electrons do not simply move in orbits around the protons. Its position is uncertain. It disappears in one place and reappears somewhere else. Really fast. The new identity finds its inspiration in this: How a single electron disappear and appear in an energetic and spherical form around its core.

Purple was chosen not only because it can be found in nebulas, galaxies, northern light and hydrogen tubes – it is also the strongest of the four different colours in the emission spectrum of hydrogen. The three other colors serve as accent colors.

The identity conveys a sense of energy, and stands out among the traditional green and blue brands within the categories of sustainability.

Photography by Einar Aslaksen.



Fueling the future of the planet

The global society as we know it, is built on our ability to control energy. Currently, we are faced with the side effects of utilizing fossil energy: Climate change and pollution. At this point in time, it is finally becoming affordable to harness renewable energy on a large scale. However, in solving the environmental issues from fossil fuels with renewables, a new challenge arises. Renewable energy follows its own cycles and logic, independent of when we wish to use it. So we need a way to store excess energy.

Say hello to hydrogen. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe, and what we experience as sun rays on Earth is the direct result of hydrogen atoms cushioning together to form helium. Hydrogen is truly the fuel of the Universe.

Hydrogen is also the element with highest gravimetric energy density. Three times higher than gasoline. 150 times higher than a lithium-ion battery. For large scale storage of renewable energy, hydrogen is by far the most suitable alternative – literally increasing the lifespan of green electricity from zero to infinity.

Hydrogen is also an integral part of the natural water cycle. Renewable electricity and water transformed into hydrogen and oxygen becomes pure water and electricity again when used in a fuel cell. This means that energy companies can safely continue to build renewable energy plants to deliver the electricity the world demands, while simultaneously producing a zero-emission fuel which offers the same range and convenience offered by fossil fuels today.